Learn English Vocabulary: DUBIOUS ‘The Dubious Homework Excuse’ (Funny Cartoon Video For Kids)


To hesitate or doubt something.

Examplesentence: The teacher was dubious of Marcus's homework excuse.

Teacher: Good morning, class.

Now before weget started with today's lesson, I need you to bring me your homework.

*sad music plays* Marcus, what is the matter? Oh no.

I don't think I am feeling very well.



I think he's trying to get outof turning in his homework.

BENJAMIN! Thanks, but no thanks.

I think I'llbe the judge of that.

Yes ma'am.


You were perfectly fine this morning.

Could it be true that you didn't do your homework? Well.

I did it, but there is a good reasonwhy I don't have it with me.

And what reason would it be? Umm.

My dog ate it.

*kids laughing* Well.

I find your excuse to be rather dubious.

Why don't you believe me Mrs.

Watson? I highly doubt your excuse, primarily becauseit's the oldest excuse in the book.

Also, you've done this before.

Hey Roscoe! Give that back! MOM! Wish you had a dog now?.

Source: Youtube subtitles

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