Kids Long Journey The Learning Stations

Where are you going dear kid? Go Ahead.

Go Ahead Always, Where you go.

Run Run Go Ahead Baby.

I'm right Behind You Where ever you want to go.

Run But Slow means Slow and steady win the Race.

If you run fast you will be tired.

stop one minutes.

Why you Come Back.

do look behind you.

Van Horn nothing special so go ahead baby.

Motor Bike Ok Always Be Careful while you long tour put the Cap on your head.

to Avoid Hot Sun Shines.

slow run and see ahead.

Sun Shines hots need Cap Wear the Cap Look Motor Bike is Coming to us, so take your side.

What Happens Are you Tired? No Way Papa You are with me so how can i be tired, Impossible OK Stay There and stop Please Stop Dear Your Today's Goal is Achieved Very Good.

See you next time.

Source: Youtube subtitles

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