Funny videos for whatsapp, Part 52

Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a toy horse 3 ball football catch 50 Cents first pitch 61meter goal 6car pileup 80yard lacrosse goal Accident behind interview in Syria Acrobatic biker accident Adrien Delecroix unicycle front flip All the Single Ladies Almost headon truck collision Amazing drawing of a girl Amazing football catch Amazing futsal goal Amazing motorcycle jump Amazing parkour jump Amazing ping pong shot Amazing pool trick shot Amazing ring trick Amazing snowboard jump Amazing soccer save Amazing swing basketball trick shot Angry biker gets struck by karma Anne Hathaway crossing legs Anne Hathaway ugly face Anne Hathaway withwithout eyebrows Ardold bouncing his pecs Arnold Schwarzegger bitchslaps Triple H 1999 Arnold smoking pot Arnolds pecs Hercules in New York Australian spider attacks cigarette Avoiding traffic Back flip on a wire Ball bouncing and spinning tricks Ballons fly out the trunk after accident Basketball trampoline somersault shot Beam walking Beer cups filled from the bottom up Bernie Ecclestone revolving door fail Beyonce booty Beyonce dancing Beyonce pizza magic Bicycle race accident Bicyclist gets hit by car lands on mattress Bicyclist gets squeezed between bus and truck Bicyclist hits man crossing the street Big parkour roof jump Bike accident Bike falling from heaven causes accident Bike POV jump Bike race accident Biker cop vs.

speed bump Biker falls off bike POV Biker gets hit by another biker Biker gets hit from behind Biker hit after failed start Biker hits bike Biker hits deer Biker hits koala Biker walks away from serious crash Bill Gates leaps over a chair Bill OReilly and Donald Trump doing the wave at a Yankees game Bjorks cat driver Blinded by the sun Boneless break dancer Brad Pitt face morph Branch through the windshield accident Brendan Fraser magic clap Brutal bike ramp jump acident Bystanders rescue man from under burning car Cameraman gets run over by jeep walks away Camouflage octopus Car crash behind reporter Car crashes through shop window Car drives off the road Car explodes on impact during intersection collision Car flips over after catching trolley lines Car hits baby Car hits bear cub Car hits biker Car hits scooter Car hits tuk tuk Carly Rae Jepsens first pitch Carmen Electra Carrying 2 men Cats gravitydefying jump Charles Barkley playing golf Cheerleader backflip catch in one hand Cheryl Cole reaction Chinese bus driver dodges big pole through windshield Chinese street acrobat kid Chloe Moretz reaction Chris Hansen gif Chris Rock talking to Kobe Bryant Chuck Norris approves Close call between two racing boats Close call on highway Close call sudden frontal collision Colbert OBrien and Stewart in action Cop drives through wall during chase Cop hits pedestrian on crosswalk Crashing biker almost run over by truck Crazy rally jump Cyclist brakes and falls in a curve Cyclist gets something caught in his front wheel Cyclist left standing after hit by a car Dad catches foul ball while holding daughter Dad playing on Kinect accidentally hits girl Daft Punk clapping at the Grammys Damien Walters back jump Damien Walters Dangerous rally driving Danny MacAskill bike flip off building Dean Martin is amused Deer accident dashcam footage Denis Clemente epic horse shot Dirt bike ramp jump on fire goes wrong Dirtbike crash Dog headstands down the stairs Dog hits car while running across the street Dog is afraid of Julia Roberts Doing a barrel roll while pouring iced tea Downhill biking goes wrong Downhill mountain biker hits lady Drake kiss on stage fail Dramatic Bieber Driver avoids multiplecar accident Driver hits 2 kids crossing the street with their mother Driver survives amazing crash Driver thrown out the window during accident Drunk driver takes off at the airport Dumb motorcycle driver bumps into cars and falls into a pit Dwayne The Rock Johnson Family guy toys.

Source: Youtube subtitles

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