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WildCanadaKids! (Wild Canada Kids!)Hey Buddies! Evil T-Rex is heading to Egypt to take over his Uncle's kingdom! Uncle Pharaoh-Rexis not happy! (Evil T-Rex) Roar! Once I steal my Uncle'skingdom I will be the most powerful T-Rex in the world!(Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) Let's go boss! (Evil T-Rex) Roar! What's that sound?(Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) It's a.

It's a dino-mummy! Run!(Dino Mummy) I will get you! (Pharaoh-Rex) My nincompoop nephew got awayfrom my dino -mummy but he can't escape my falcon!(Narrator) Pharaoh-Rex's falcon soared above the desert and spotted the Gondwanian Goons!(Evil T-Rex) Roar! That old bag of bones sent his falcon after me! But it will take morethan an angry chicken to stop my evil plans! (Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) Faster boss! He's gainingon us! (Pharaoh-Rex) That dino-numskull got awayfrom my falcon but he can't escape my cheetah! Go get him!(Evil T-Rex) I'm not scared of that kitten! (Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) I am! Roar!(Pharaoh-Rex) You might have outsmarted my mummy, falcon and cheetah but my sauropodwill stomp on you! (Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) Hey boss, let's scram!(Evil T-Rex) You haven't seen the last of me!To be continued!.

Source: Youtube subtitles

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