Funny animals videos, Part 40

8legged moose A bacterium on a diatom on an amphipod Air guitar kangaroo Alpaca om nom Amazing octopus camouflage An extra camel appears Angry captured bat Animals yawning Anteater stands up Anteater stops camera chase Antelope butt smell reaction Ants work together to drag worm Baby alpaca falling asleep Baby duck jumps form a tree Baby elephant slips and falls on his back Baby elephant vs.

wooden pole Baby goat faints down a slide Baby goat pushups Baby goat walks on front legs Baby gorilla chest pound fail Baby grasshopper highfive Baby hamster cant keep up with mother on the wheel Baby hedgehog yawns Baby koala climbing Baby leopard huge jump Baby leopard on Letterman Baby monkey hug Baby otter vs.

chicken Baby owl on a mans shoulder Baby owls move with the camera Baby polar bear Baby pony hits mother while running around Baby sugarglider is scared Badass kitty Balloon popping scares rabbit Bat running on treadmill Bear and man scare each other Bear attack Bear catches piece of bread Bear catches salmon Bear cub falls asleep on nose Bear cubs fighting Bear opens car door like a person Bear opens car door Bear playing the piano Bear playing with himself Bear scares raccoon Bear vs.

two bulldogs Bear walking upright Bedouin owned by camel Belly button flower attracts hummingbird Ben Heine 3D drawing Big fish eats smaller fish Big spider Biker dodges otter on the racing track Biker hits deer Bird hitches ride on truck Bird hits owl Bird on a windshield wiper Bird plays dead Bird pushes turtle off the table Bird scares off bear Bird shakes off water in mid flight Bird startles tiger Bird uses bait to catch fish Birds wants in Bitchslapping a cobra Blind shark Bloated zebra explodes in leopards face while eating it Bombardier beetle Bouncing llama Bruce Lee cow Buck owns mountain biker Bucking horse escapes Buffalo attacks lion Buffalo vs.

croc Bull collision Bull hits man Bulldog puppy kisses baby Bullfighting like a boss Bullfrog catches bugs on touchscreen Bullpowered water skiing Bully penguin Bully turtle pushes other turtle into pond Bunny and Teddy bumping to the music Bunny comes out of duck Bunny does a forward roll Bunny envelope opener Camel attack Camel bites man Camel bites mans ass Camel bites reporters hair Camel kiss Camel sleeps on dog Camouflage octopus Camouflaged octopus Capybara wants to mate with hand Car hits bear cub Cat and fox playing Cat begging Cat chilling Cat falls asleep Cat fight self in mirror Cat flip Cat getting ready for attack Cat hiding in a couch Cat high five Cat huge jump on bed Cat massage and kiss Cat plows through snowbank Cat riding a magic flying carpet Cat scare Cat sits on hedgehog Cat slaps alligator Cat stuck in window Cat taking a shower in kitchen sink Cat vs.

bird Cat vs.

dolphin love Cat vs.

lemon Cat vs.

ninja rabbit Cat vs.

snake Cat vs.

steam Cat walking to the table Catching a seagull at the beach Catching pigeons with net catapult Cats disappointed after being served empty plate Cattle crossing the road Cheetah poops inside Jeep Chicken egg pool Chicken riding a tortoise Chicken vs.

cat Chickens break up rabbit fight Chicks Chilling sloth Chimp gets ass Chimp memory test Chimp tosses raccoon Chimp waking up Chimp washing cat Chipmunk in the exhaust pipe Chipmunk massaging head Chipmunk riding bike Chipmunk stuffs 3 peanuts in mouth Chipmunk trap Clever cow makes an escape Clumsy panda falls off a tree Cockatiel vs.

stirring coffee Cockatoo imitates dancing man Coke bottle mouse trap Confused owl Cow chewing Cow doing hurdle jumping Cow kicks woman in the face Cow sprinkler Cow vs.

sheep duel Crab climbs out of its shell Crab rops off its claw Crab vs.

car wheel Creepy raccoon hand looking for food Crested gecko pupils vs.

light Crinoid crawling Crocodile attacks lion crossing the river Crocodile drags warthog under water Crocodile vs.

prey Crow feeds cat and dog Crow snatches kangaroos food Crow snow tubing on a roof Curious pug Cute baby otter Cute baby rhino escapes from stable Cute baby sloth yawns Cute baby sloths Cute baby squirrel loves being rubbed Cute baby turtle Cute chick Cute curious seal pup Cute panda group fight Dalmatian riding bike Dancing lemur Dancing otter Dancing Zebra Death adder snake caudal lure Decapitated snake bites itself Deep sea alien worm Tomopteris Deer accident dashcam footage Deer attacks dog Deer crashes into restaurant Deer ends up trapped in bus after being hit by it Deer gets hit by race car Deer jumps over car Deer licking a cat Deer magician Deer om nom nom Deer runs into fence Deer survives blast demolition Disoriented flamingos Dissapointed chimp Doberman vs.

wolf Dog carrying piglet Dog disapproval face Dog gets thrown back by treadmill Dog goes after whale Dog helps guy measure a wood plank Dog in space Dog in teddy bear costume Dog milking a goat Dog on leash chases rabbit Dog protects pregnant womans belly Dog rides donkey Dog shrinking machine Dog surprise Dog vs.

sheep Dog with human hands reading Dolphin crash Dolphin creates bubble rings Dolphin knocks down paddleboarder Donkey on a swing Donkeys Douchebag bison Dramatic chipmunk Dramatic chipmunk Dramatic dachshund Dramatic eagle Dramatic hamster behind CocaCola bottle Dramatic lemur Dramatic owl behind car grill Dramatic sheep Drawing a chinese dragon Dropping a butterfly in slowmotion Duck bite Duck fight on ice Duck runs on water Duckling chases cameraman Duckling chases cat around Duckling falling asleep Ducklings vs.

yoyo Ducks passing Eagle hawk in slomo Eagle snatching hippo Eagle steals food from wolf Elderly couple dont notice bear on front porch Elephant attacked by lions Elephant baby balance problems Elephant cleans self with broom Elephant head spin Elephant hits man Elephant on a trampoline Elephant picking up trash Elephant shrew om nom nom Elephant vs.

croc Elephant waves goodbye Elk having fun Elk vs.

photographer Embarrassed chinchilla Exploding sperm whale Fainting baby goat Family cat saves kid from attacking dog Farting penguin Feeding a crocodile Feeding and playing with platypus Ferret plays dead Fish catches bird in flight Fisherman gets a big surprise when Ice Fishing in Greenland Flamingo mating dance Fly owns frog Flying fish attack Flying raccoon attack Flying stingrays Football pigeon Fox hunting in the snow Fox trampoline bounce fail Frog gets a kick in the face Frog jumps on babys face Frog misses flying dragonfly Frog scratching Frog vs.

dragonfly Fur coat comes to life Futurama Obey the hypnotoad Gazelle swallowing food Gazelles surprise escape Gecko flips to catch a butterfly Getting reindeer off the road Giant rabbit in a bag Giraffe fight Giraffe kicks GoPro camera Giraffe om nom nom Giraffe picks nose with tongue Giraffe sex fail Giraffe tongue closeup Girl gets hit by ram Girl horse riding fail Girl race camel Girl trips on two goats Goat attacks motorcycle Goat headbutt fail Goat jump fail Goat jumps off cliff Goat on a slide Goat twisting neck Goat uses donkey to jump over fence Goat walks on front legs Goats on a horse Goats playing on flexible sheet of steel Goby fish sifting sand Gog feeds lamb Golden eagle snatches kid Goliath grouper bites off scuba divers fins Goose attacks beaver Goose fight goes awry Goose on a slide Goose walks around with arrow stuck in its neck Gopher dance Gorilla bboy stance Gorilla drags crew member Gorilla nose picking Grass sanps under ant Group of birds simultaneously flying off a tree GUINEA PIG om nom Guinea pig vs.

bag of popcorn Guinea pigs double om nom nom Guy getting some love from lions Gymnastics girl lands on kitten Gyroscopic chicken head Hamster bounces off exercise ball Hamster climbs on wall Hamster doing back flips Hamster doing backflips Hamster on a kids head Hamster struggles to escape through door crack Hawk flying between trees Hawk peekaboo Hawk snatches pet lab mouse Headless camel walking around Headless camel.

Source: Youtube subtitles

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