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WildCanadaKids! (Wild Canada Kids)Hey Buddies! The Evil Albertosaurus has concocted a special formula potion that will make EvilT-Rex the most powerful dinosaur on the planet! (Evil Albertosaurus) All I need is the sweatfrom Brachiosaurus to complete my secret formulation! Do not drink this until I return! Ha, ha,ha! (Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) Hey boss! This smellsjust like Dino-berry pop! (Evil T-Rex) Dino-berry pop! My favorite!Gulp, gulp, gulp! (Evil T-Rex) What's happening? I'm.


I'mshrinking! Roar! (Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) Oh no boss! What doyou want me to do? (Evil T-Rex) Go get Evil Albertosaurus youdino-numskull! And hurry back with the antidote! (Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) Evil Albertosaurusis going to be furious that Boss drank his secret formula!(Buzzerella) Look what we have here! (Evil T-Rex) Buzz off Buzzerella! DeinoncyhusJr.

will be back in a minute with the antidote and then I'll squish you once and for all!(Buzzerella) Not if I have something to sting about it first! Get back here you dino-pipsqueak!Evil T-Rex will be no match for my evil bug friends in the Rocky Fern Forest!(Evil Albertosaurus) How am I supposed to undo the effects of the potion without EvilT-Rex? Bring him to me! (Evil T-Rex) I lost Buzzerella but what isthat sound? It's a.

It's a giant giraffe weevil! Roar! I've got to find someplace tohide! I should be safe here! (Evil T-Rex) Roar! It's a giant tarantula!I can hide in this dino-pimple lichen! (Brahmin Moth Caterpillar) This is my batchof dino-pimple plants! Go find your own! (Evil T-Rex) Roar! Where is Deinonychus Jr.

?If he doesn't hurry up then I'll be a bug lunch! That scorpion fly is hot on my tail!(Evil T-Rex) (Out of breath) I'll take a rest under this mushroom.

(Devil's flower mantis) It looks like dino-drumsticks are on the lunch menu!(Evil T-Rex) Finally! I'm safe! I'll hide in this cave!(Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) Oh no! I'm too late! Boss has been chomped! What am I gonna do?To be continued!.

Source: Youtube subtitles

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