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WildCanadaKids! (Wild Canada Kids)Previously on WildCanadaKids! Evil T-Rex and Evil Deinonychus Jr.

broke into a spooky temple,escaped creepy monsters and stole the crystal skull of doom!(Evil T-Rex) At last! I have the Crystal Skull of Doom! Now we will defeat those happy-go-luckyLeague of Superhero Dinosarus! Quick! Back to Gondwana!(Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) Right behind you boss! (Blue T-Rex) Lets go team! We need to putthe crystal skull of doom back in the spooky temple before it's too late!(Computer) Scanning skull.

Detecting unknown energy source.

(Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) That doesn't sound so good boss!(Narrator) The League powered up as they ran straight into the heart of Gondwana!(Computer) Warning.


Virus detected! (Evil Mosquito) Ha, ha, ha! Here comes somejuicy goody-two-shoes dinosaurs to chomp on! (Spinosaurus) Hey! Buzz off fly!(Evil Mosquito) I'm a giant prehistoric mosquito! And you're my lunch!(Blue T-Rex) Hey stop bugging my friends! (Brachiosaurus) You're never get past me youblueberry dino! Ha, ha, ha! (Spinosaurus) Be careful Blue T-Rex! Thislooks dangerous! (Blue T-Rex) Dino bombs away!(Spinosaurus) Here goes nothing! (Evil T-Rex) It's a dino-stampede!(Blue T-Rex) Hand over the crystal skull of doom!(Evil Deinonychus Jr.

) You can have it! That things haunted!(Blue T-Rex) Good work team! We returned the crystal skull of doom to the spooky temple!.

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