Learning Zoo Animals Video for Kids & Toddlers ★ Learn About Wild Animals ★ Animated SurpriseEggs

Hey, kids! Are you ready to join our safari? Yay! Surprise Eggs.

What's inside? Wow, it's a giraffe.

What's inside? It's an elephant.

Lion Zebra Giraffe Elephant Lion and Zebra Yay! Wow, there's more! We ♥ surprise eggs.

Yay! What's inside? Shake it.

Yay! It's a rhino.

Monkey Turtle Sss-Sss-Snake Rhino Monkey Turtle Snake Yay! Giraffe Elephant Lion Zebra Rhino Monkey Turtle Sss-Sss-Snake Don't forget to Sss-Sss-Subscribe :).

Source: Youtube subtitles

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