Ask JAPANESE GIRLS to draw CUTE & FUNNY animals! | Street interview in Harajuku | 原宿で動物の絵を書いてもらった

Ta-Da! Look at that! This is a ***.

It isn't a monkey?! This is SO UGLY! Hello, I am Aoi, today's reporter.

Today I will ask the girls of Harajuku to draw pictures for me.

This time we will ask them to draw animals.

Can I use this marker? That's totally fine.

You already knew that! I already know which one.

Which one? Do you like animals? We like them a lot.

It's just a question whether we can draw them.

This looks gross! Don't say that! This is SO UGLY! That's fine.

Looks ok.

Do you like drawing? I love drawing! What the heck is that?! Cute, isn't it?! Oh wait a second.

I don't feel to good about this anymore.

Is this gonna be ok? Look at that! That isn't an animal! It looks gross.

Does it not look like an animal? It definitely is an animal!! But just about! On "one two three" show it to the camera.

One – Two – Three – TADA! Ta-da! It doesn't look very good but it's a hedgehog.

I would love to touch it.

I wish I could keep one.

Cats! I wish I had a cat! This is a gorilla! It isn't a monkey?! It's excited look is its special trait.

I am recently into whales.

They are glossy, have round little eyes and are really huge.

That's what makes them so cute.

His special trait? He loves eating a lot! Because he is holding an apple and a banana.

Special trait? The cat's super large face.

The big head makes it look quite cute.

I see, both of you added some hearts.

I gave her some lashes, to give her a cute and ladylike look.

Her cute looks make her look quite appealing.

This is its special trait.

It's hard to tell what it exactly is.

It's a panda.

I will go to the concert of the band AAA soon.

So I drew their A-Panda mascot.

Its special trait?! It's special trait is its kind look.

It makes you feel calmer.

– That's what I was aiming for.

What part of the picture do you think looks best? Its mouth looks particularly good! This is a character that I created.

The white eye is its special trait It is perfectly rounded.

Is it a parrot? It's an owl!! Everything in the face is close together.

Finished! Well done! Now Aoi.

It is your turn to draw now! This is going to be the best picture of today.

Finished! Ta-Da! It's a giraffe! I wanted to show its black tongue.

Source: Youtube subtitles

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